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The Mother

A clear and precise vision of what is to be done and a steady, calm and firm will to have it done are the essential conditions of an organization to be run properly.

...those who are without work are certainly so because they do not like to work; and for that disease it is very difficult to find a remedy - it is called laziness...

I shall say like Sri Aurobindo: unless the consciousness changes nothing can really be done.

It is by the efficiency and quality of the work that I will judge the workers.

Never forget that here it is for the perfection of the work that we are striving, not for the satisfaction of the ego.

In the actualities of life the power of a man does not depend on an official title, but on the force and the light of his inner consciousness.

Without discipline no proper work is possible. Without discipline no proper life is possible.

In human life the cause of all difficulties, all discords, all moral sufferings is the presence in everyone of the ego with its desires, its likes and dislikes. ...the ego reacts to everything that displeases it, starts an inner storm that rises to the surface and spoils all the work.

This work of overcoming the ego is long, slow and difficult; it demands constant alertness and sustained effort.

The leaders must always set the example, the leaders must always practice the virtues they demand from those who are in their care; they must be understanding, patient, enduring, full of sympathy and warm and friendly goodwill, not out of egoism to win friends for themselves, but out of generosity to be able to understand and help others.

To forget oneself, one's own likings and preferences, is indispensable in order to be a true leader.

For the earth to be happy, power should be in the hands of those alone who are conscious of the Divine Will.

...always endeavour to make progress, try to be your true self. Even if you have not been able to do it today you must be able to do it tomorrow.

...if you behave in the way outsiders do, then what is the fun of your being here.

The salary should depend on the work of the worker, on his ability, his regularity, not on the number of people he has to feed. For if we took these circumstances into consideration, it would no longer be paid work but charity.

My aim is to create a big family in which it will be possible for each one to fully develop his capacities and express them. Each one will have his place and occupation in accordance with his capacities and in a relation of goodwill and brotherhood.

There is no harmonious growth of the whole without the progress of each one of its parts.

About Ashram

The mystery lay in what Sri Aurobindo represented as well as in the genesis of the ashram.


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