Art Section Diploma Exam

The Sarba Bharatiya Sangeet O Sanskriti Parishad Diploma Art Examination for the year 2020 for Sri Aurobindo Sakti Centre ART SECTION students shall be conducted on 23rd August 2020. It will be conducted and monitored via REMOTE ACCESS owing to the present Covid-19 situation. Parents and guardians of students who have applied by filling up the required forms last year, may please speak to the Art Instructors of their classes about the method of conducting the examination.

The Art Sheets may please be collected from the Office Cash Counter any day between Monday to Friday 9am to 12 noon, or Sundays – 2nd and 9th August – 9am to 11am or Saturday 22nd August 4pm to 6pm. The Office Cash Counter shall remain CLOSED on LOCKDOWN DAYS. Please keep the last fee receipt in hand at the time of collecting the art sheet.

After 23rd August 2020, the art sheet may please be submitted on Saturdays (4pm to 6pm) and Sundays (9am to 11am) only, within 20th September 2020.

No sheets will be accepted after the last date.

Please keep in touch with the Art Instructor of your Class over phone/Whatsapp.



19th JANUARY 2020

The Art Section organised a one-day workshop on Sunday, 19th January 2020, covering area viz. Acrylic painting, Water-colour, Glass painting, Collage making and making items with M.Seal and Waste materials. The workshop was conducted by Instructors of our Art Section and attended by around 100 participants, including parents. The participants enjoyed the day expressing their creative talents. They were given certificates of appreciation and snacks at the end of the workshop.