Visit of a team from Germany – October 2023

A team from Germany from Global Social and Marco Polo School comprising of Mr. Axel Brummer, Ms. Iris and Mr. Max Roeder on their visit to India, visited the school Sri Aurobindo Bal Mandir on 12th October 2023. Accompanying them were Mr. Kaushik Banerjee and Ms. Suvasri Banerjee of Global Social India. They went around the classes going on, interacted with the teachers and had a glimpse of the effort we undertake at the institution based on the ideas and ideals of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. They sat with the teachers after classes were over when Mr. Brummer shared experiences of working with children in Brazil, Kenya, Uganda and Bolivia and Ms. Iris mentioned some of her experiences as a teacher at Marco Polo school in Germany, while Mr. Max interpreted her talk in German to English. They also showed a video on the importance of saving water which, made here in Kolkata, would perhaps be presented later as a project to the United Nations. The team from Germany expressed their feeling of serenity experienced during their stay at this institution.

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