Sri Aurobindo as a teacher in the present day perspective – a talk

On the 9th November 2023, Sri Aurobindo Sakti Centre organised a programme at the first floor hall of its New Alipore premises, where eminent speaker on Sri Aurobindo and a senior teacher Shri Bhaskar Mukherjee delivered an enlightening talk on the topic – “Sri Aurobindo as a teacher in the present day perspective”. He mentioned about the very specific and successful role Sri Aurobindo played as a teacher though for a shorter period when compared with his roles as a freedom struggle leader and a spiritual thinker and sadhak. Shri Mukherjee in his detailed and attractive deliberation pointed out the uniqueness of Sri Aurobindo’s way of teaching from the accounts of the students and showed how the method he adopted during the end nineteenth century and early twentieth century years are still relevant even today. While discussing on the educational ideas of Sri Aurobindo, Shri Mukherjee revealed before the audience the parallels between those ideas and principles and the ones going to get adopted in the Policy of National Education by the Government of India. Shri Mukherjee concluded his talk with the mention of the uniqueness of Sri Aurobindo as Guru or the Spiritual teacher. The programme was attended by people most of whom belonged to the teaching community, attached to various schools and colleges.

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