Siddhi Day observed on 24th November 2023

24th of November SIDDHI DIWAS, a significant day for all Sri Aurobindo devotees, the day of descent of the overmental consciousness into the physical, the day after which Sri Aurobindo withdrew to pursue his rigorous sadhana for the descent of the Supramental consciousness on earth and the Mother took charge of the running of the Ashram. The day was observed at Sri Aurobindo Sakti Centre with a talk in the evening by Dr. Saurabh Mukherjee, devotee of Sri Aurobindo, Lecturer of Philosophy, Sanskrit College, Kolkata, on the significance of Siddhi Day and its implications in our life when it comes to implementation of the ideas and ideals propagated by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The workers and devotees were present. On the day, every year, Sri Aurobindo Sakti Centre premises is decorated with lamps.

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